Where our Imagination Can’t Go …

I can admit that I have a very active imagination. There are moments that I can just sit and daydream about life ; where I want to be, who I want to be, and where I see myself going. But there are some places even my imagination Can’t go.

See a lot of my daydreams are about far away places or places that will take me a while to go to in my eyes. But What I ‘ve realized about my imagination is that Places that are very possible and very near are hard to imagine. Why ? Because its too real to imagine. I think that the closer we are to a possibility becoming a reality, the more we have to put away the dreaMs and the “If this happens” mentality. When we get closer to that reality, something in us must shift from “If this happens” to “When this happens”. when many of us get to this point, fear sets in because we never made plans for our dreams. why? Because the expectation was that they Would never come true…

So our dreams and imaginations never have depth and never move from their place in the sky because we assume that they will never come true. But who says they won’t? We may not be millionaires, but we can accomplish anything we put our minds to!!

Put the pen to paper! Start drafting your dreams!

I’ve never written a book before. I’ve never taken a class or been mentored by someone who did. But I believed that I had Something valuable to say and that others could learn from it. So I just started to write. I read 1 Short e-book on writing a book and just kept writing… and I finished! But I had to first believe in my own dream enough to sit down and write about it.

You can do this … whatever your “this” is … just decide that today You will take that dream and make it Come to life. Don’t live a life of Regret.


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