There Are More Reasons to Serve God than Just Going to Heaven…

My relationship with Jesus is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It isn’t perfect (on my end), but my life has become one of the most adventurous, purposeful, and has had more worth and meaning since I decided to stop fighting and running. But I didn’t just fall in love for Heaven. I didn’t just decide to be on His team just to save myself from going to hell. Those are both great reasons, but they weren’t the number one reasons. Getting saved just so you won’t go to hell is not a good enough reason. It’s a reason, but you miss the totality of who He is and all that He can be while you’re alive!

Being with Jesus has given me and shown me a love like no other. He makes me want to be better. I want to be a better Allyson because I love Him and I want Him to have the best of me.

In the past, when I would make dumb decisions, I wouldn’t think twice about them. It was what I wanted to do and I did it. With Jesus, He at least makes me think twice before doing something dumb or something that would me in a negative way. I think twice because He’s always on my mind, whether I know it or not. I want to please Him. I want Him to smile at me.

In my lowest moments, He always understands. He listens. If I can’t talk to anyone, He is the one I run to. It’s a beautiful love we have. He showed me my purpose. He showed me who I was born to be so I wouldn’t keep wandering, doing things that didn’t align with my destiny. He knows me. The very essence of who I am. Even the places and pieces I don’t get, He does. The ugly parts of my He embraces and showers with His love. He loves me through my pain. Catches every tear. Puts me in my place when I’m wrong and loves me as I make it right.

And these reasons and examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Make the decision to serve God and enjoy His presence NOW. Heaven will always be there, but knowing and having the ability to know and love God while you’re still alive is a joy all is own. He will lead and guide you and love you to the core of your being. There are sides of Him you’ve never even touched.

Get to know God for who He is now,  so that when you do get to Heaven, your praise and worship will be even greater because you know in this life and when you see Him face to face, that’s He’s the almighty, wonderful, amazing God you’ve always known.

He’s full of hope, joy and love. If you’re looking for any of those, please, look to Him.



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