New Website! New Book!

Hello everyone!!
Things have really been on the move these past few months!
First and foremost, I wrote a book! Check out the cover:


Yes. The title is exactly what you read (lol).
I’ve started my journey as a speaker, author, and gradually working towards becoming an empowerment and purpose coach. So do me a BIG favor….

1. Go to and check out my blog over there, as well as the website itself! 
2. Like my page on Facebook Allyson A. Robinson
3. Share share share the material! The book will be released August 6, 2015 so I want as many women as we can reach to check it out!

Thank you so much!



“Man vs. Woman” New Chronicles Addition!!

Hey Everyone!!

Now introducing a new addition to “Chronicles of a Young Wife”

Man vs. Woman

Check out the video below for more information and make sure you take the poll before the month is out.

Visit the website: to vote!!

~The Mrs.

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Hey Guys!!

I decided to reach out a little bit more! Make sure you visit the link below to put in your email for The Weekly Buzz E-mails from me every week! I’m going to use it to discuss a number of things and I want you all to get it!

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~The Mrs